"His face is rarely seen, but his work is always felt."

BlackIce is an award-winning photographer, writer, producer, and filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Within ten years of his professional career, he has shot images and worked with Russell Simmons, Lloyd Banks, Janelle Monae, Arrested Development, and many more. He is also the author of Thoughts of a Dreamer, a collection of poems, thoughts, and stories between a Dreamer and a Realist. 

BlackIce owns a multi-purpose, photography studio in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It features two studios, lined with mirrors, central air/heating, and free parking. The studio is also available for rent for  your next event, rehearsal, workshops and more!

INSPIRE Magazine
With over 30 published issues, INSPIRE Magazine is the most consistent, independent, black-owned publication in Atlanta. INSPIRE Magazine is published bi-monthly, featuring the latest photography from BlackIce and inspirational quotes to feed the soul. In a industry saturated with vixen and gossip magazines, INSPIRE Magazine is a breath of fresh air.

The INSPIRE Modeling Agency
In a world filled with selfies and filters, it's hard for a business to find a real model. The models at INSPIRE are handpicked by BlackIce himself. The models are beautiful and most importantly professional.  Each model is dedicated to their craft and mostly importantly, have the ability to sell and be a professional face to businesses and fashion lines.